Quality design starts with an idea and ends with the details. While putting together a design, we work hard to understand the home you envision. This process helps us gain a better understanding of what you are looking for and are expecting in your new home.

Over the years we have developed proven and time tested construction details. Our in-house use of CAD technology has allowed us to document and catalog those details in digital form. We can drop years of construction experience into a design with the click of a mouse. These details are then available to the craftsmen on the job who can execute them efficiently and correctly. Our details are always up to date and work because we update them based on feedback from the tradesmen in the field.

The key to increasing construction quality is having the details worked out before construction begins. Using CAD we can do this in a cost efficient manner, freeing up more resources that can be used both on the “big picture” of the design and the “fit and finish” of the construction - greatly increasing the overall value to you the homeowner.

The design/build approach allows the team (owner, builder, and designer) to be directly involved from the start integrating cost decisions, construction details, and material selections with a vision of the finished product to produce a project that meets the budget and exceeds even the most exacting expectations.